Fully Adjustable

The Orthorise is an orthopaedic chair which allows for specific adjustments to be made to the chair frame. It allows you to adjust the height, seat depth and back height. The chair back reclines using a safe and easy action with no power leads and boxes required. Its construction is from a flat pack design and comes in easily handled boxed shape.

Flatpack Delivery

After removing the chair from it’s box assembly only requires the chair legs to be attached to the chair frame. An allum key and fixing screws are enclosed together with a leaflet to assist in assembling and determining seat height.

Easy to Assemble

The height from ground to top of seat is made by way of lengthening or shortening the chair legs. Adjustment levels are secured using twin allum key fixing devised. Easy to put together with only eight screws and the chair is assembled.
Adjustable Seat Depth

Adjustable seat depth

The seat depth can be adjusted using a unique but simple action. Required depth is achieved by sliding the seat either backward of forward and fixing into place using a peg located in the frame which slots into a number of pre-determined holes in the seat.

Adjustable Back

BACK HEIGHT: The chair back height can be varied by the use of a back extension fitting. The chair back is designed to fit people whose height ranges from... BACK RECLINE: The chair back is designed to rec line from an upright position to the standard level of recline to a third level allowing for a more relaxed mode.  This is again easy to do.   NO power, levers or controls required.  The adjustment bas moving easily from one recess to another.
Additional Options

Additional Options

For those people who require the additional back height then this should be ordered at the time of the chair purchase.  Padded arms are very popular and again should be ordered at point of purchase. The use of a head bolster is very helpful for those who have any curvature of the upper spine.  Basically it fits in the gap between head and chair back thus giving support to the head.


“I have found Chiefly Chairs have provided a consistently high standard of service. Their willingness to listen, provide a seating solution that meets the client’s need and preference, and their prompt and friendly service makes them stand out from the rest”

I am impressed! I found the orthorise chair through an advert and ordered the flatpack.

It arrived within a week and was so easy to put together, even for me an older women on her own.